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Sustainable Transport Branch

Travel Safe Guide

The Department has launched a refreshed version of the Travel Safe Guide for people with learning disabilities. This Guide has been developed in partnership with a number of stakeholders as a learning tool to help people with learning disabilities how to travel safely and independently. You can find out more about the Guide on the NI Direct website, please use this link below:

The refreshed Travel Safe Guide has now been completed following further consultation with many of the groups previously approached in addition to several new organisations namely, Autism Network (NI), Disability Action and Volunteer Now. In consultation with the above groups, we have refocused and updated images and information on a number of key areas including, Personal Safety, Road Skills, Using the Bus/Train, and the former Door-2-Door service, now operated by Disability Action and known as the Disability Action Transport Service.

How to get a copy of the Travel Safe Guide

Please contact us using the details below:

Department for Regional Development
Governance Policy and Resources Group
Sustainable Transport Branch
3rd Floor
Clarence Court
10 – 18 Adelaide Street

Access Travel Wallet

The ‘Access Travel Wallet’ scheme is the latest DRD initiative to help make journeys by bus or train easier for passengers with learning, hearing or visual needs.  You can find out more about the wallet on the NI Direct website, please use this link below:

The Accessible Transport Strategy 2005 – 2015

The Accessible Transport Strategy 2005 – 2015 has sought to address a wide range of barriers that impede use of the transport system by older people and people with disabilities – barriers which prevent them from carrying out everyday functions or leave them excluded from activities that others are able to enjoy. You can view this document by clicking on the link below:

Accessible Transport Strategy Action Plan 2012-2015

This publication by the Department of Regional Development is the fourth in a series of Action Plans to deliver the 10 year Accessible Transport Strategy (ATS) which was published in March 2005.

The First Year Monitoring Report reflects the progress of work undertaken from 1 April 2012 to 31 March 2013. You can view this document by clicking on the link below

The Second Year Monitoring Report reflects the progress of work undertaken from 1st April 2013 to 31st March 2014. You can view the document by clicking on the link below.

Accessible Transport Strategy  2015 – 2025

Work has begun on establishing a programme to deliver a new Accessible Transport Strategy taking account of the improvements in making public transport more accessible over the last nine years.  It is intended to progress this programme in stages by:

  • commissioning a targeted survey of older and disabled people to highlight barriers to the use of public transport;
  • using the results of the survey to engage directly with the age and disability sectors to confirm the priority issues to be addressed;
  • examining opportunities for collaborative working within Government to deliver transport improvements within the context of the Strategy; and
  • preparing and delivering a public consultation early in 2015 to inform and affirm actions that could be included in any new Strategy with the objective of a new Strategy being in place by mid 2015.

Report on the Public Consultation on the Review of the Door 2 Door Scheme

The Department conducted a public consultation exercise on the Review of the Urban Door 2 Door service between 22 October 2012 and 14 January 2013. The Department published a Report on the public consultation on the Review of the Door 2 Door scheme on 16 May 2013. A copy is available by clicking on the link below.

You can view, or download, this document by clicking on the like below:

The Door-2-Door Transport scheme ended on 31 March 2013. The online facility to apply for membership is no longer available.

Changes to the Door-2-Door Transport service

An 'interim' scheme is being provided by Disability Action. Please contact them to find out more about their scheme:

Existing members of the Door-2-Door scheme will have automatically transferred to the new scheme and should continue using the same telephone number on their membership card to book journeys.

The Department has begun an evaluation of all of its transport policies and schemes to support social inclusion for older and disabled people and rural communities.  Subject to the timely availability of background information and stakeholder input, it is expected that this work will be completed by the end of 2013. The Department will then consider how best to take forward its conclusions.

Future Railway Investment

The Department for Regional Development has published the responses received to its public consultation on Future Railway Investment.

The Department conducted a public consultation exercise between 14 January and 12 April 2013 seeking the views of the public and stakeholders on the priorities for future investment in our railways up to and beyond 2035. The consultation document considered projected future demand and set out a range of options for future investment under 8 distinct packages. Consultees were invited to prioritise these various packages in terms of their importance for Northern Ireland’s future transport needs taking account of best value for money and environmental considerations.

A total of 119 written responses were received by close of the public consultation. These comprise comments from private individuals and organisations, including those representing the interests of business and industry, community groups, older and disabled people, consumer groups, political representatives, and local authorities.

Copies of the Report which summarises the responses may also be obtained by contacting


Janette Galloway
Department for Regional Development
Transport, Policy, Strategy & Legislation Division
Room 3.01
Clarence Court
10 – 18 Adelaide Street

Telephone: 028 90540594

A report which summarises the responses can be viewed by clicking on the links below where all of the comments received can be read in full.

Railway Investment Prioritisation Strategy

Following consideration of the consultation responses and in conjunction with Translink, a Railway Investment Prioritisation Strategy has now been published. The document sets out the strategic direction for future railway investment over the next 20 years and the high level initiatives that need to be delivered to support the Strategy can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

Contact Details

If any of the documents above are not in a format which meet your needs please get in contact with us. We will be pleased to provide additional copies of this document in accessible formats e.g. in Large Print, Easyread, Braille, Audio CD or Daisy formats.

You can contact us at:

Sustainable Transport Branch
Governance, Policy and Resource Division
Department for Regional Development
Room 3-01 Clarence Court
10-18 Adelaide Street

Email us:
Telephone: 028 9054 0468
Fax: 028 9054 0604
Textphone: 028 9054 0642