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Sub-Regional Transport Plan

The Sub-Regional Transport Plan (SRTP) was launched by the Minister for Regional Development on 11 June 2007. This plan is the third and final transport plan that takes forward the strategic initiatives of the Regional Transportation Strategy (RTS) for Northern Ireland 2002-2012.

The SRTP deals with the transport needs of the whole of Northern Ireland with the exception of the Belfast Metropolitan Area and the rail and trunk road networks which are covered in the Belfast Metropolitan Area and Regional Strategic Transport Network Plans.

In line with the Regional Transportation Strategy, the SRTP notes the highway linkages with the Regional Strategic Transport Network and identifies separate packages of measures for the period 2002 – 2015 by mode of transport:

  • walking and cycling;
  • bus;
  • rail; and
  • highways.

The costs of the measures by mode are consistent with the relevant indicative expenditure, by mode of transport, given in the Regional Transportation Strategy, enhanced by the Investment Strategy for Northern Ireland (ISNI). It is important to note that the implementation of the measures proposed in the SRTP will be subject to:

  • appropriate economic appraisal;
  • any relevant statutory procedures such as environmental assessment, planning and land acquisition; and
  • the availability of public money through the normal budgetary processes.

The SRTP can be downloaded from this site .

Copies of the plan will also be available in public libraries. Should you wish to purchase a copy of the main document for £20 or any other document please contact the SRTP Team at:

SRTP Team,
Transportation and Engineering Policy Unit,
Roads Service,
Department for Regional Development,
Room 3-29, Clarence Court,
Belfast BT2 8GB.

Tel 028 90 540683.


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