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Transport Statistics Users Group (TSUG)

The Transport Statistics Users Group (TSUG) met for the first time in January 2010. TSUG provides a forum for the producers and users of transport statistics to exchange views on all issues pertaining to Northern Ireland transport statistics and their production and dissemination. This webpage will be routinely updated with documents detailing the progress and future work developments of the group.

Results of TSUG Meetings Publication Date   
Minutes 03/03/2015 (56KB) 03/03/2015
Minutes 10/03/2014 (52KB) 10/03/2014
Minutes 04/02/2013 (100KB) 04/02/2013
Minutes 02/06/2011 (48.5KB) 02/06/2011
Minutes 21/01/2010 (96.5KB) 23/12/2010
Minutes 24/11/2010 (72 KB) 23/12/2010
CSRB Action Plan 2010-11 (108KB)                                                             23/12/2010
CSRB Action Plan 2010-11 Excel (30.5KB) 23/12/2010

TSUG DocumentsPublication Date
TSUG Readership Survey 2010 25/08/2010
Code of Practice for Official Statistics - Principle 6: Proportionate Burden 07/03/2011

TSUG welcomes the opinions of readers and users of transport statistics. If you would like to add a viewpoint on the work of TSUG, or on any issue relating to transport statistics, please email CSRB.