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Statistics - Who's Who

Principal Statistician - Head of Branch - Nicola Fisher

Nicola has overall responsibility for all areas of work in the branch, but particularly for ensuring DRD policy colleagues are provided with a timely and high quality statistical and research function to inform and monitor policy. To help inform this work, Nicola chairs working groups such as the Transport Statistics User Group and All Ireland Freight Forum with the aim of developing new data sources to meet users' needs.

As the Senior Statistician in DRD, she is also responsible for promoting, implementing, monitoring and advising on the Code of Practice for Official Statistics and associated legislation. For details of this Code, please click on the link below.

Principal Statistician - Nicola Fisher

Tel: 028 90540873


Provide statistical and research support to Transport NI and Regional Planning and Transportation Group in the formulation, delivery and monitoring of transport policy.
This includes the production of transport statistics publications, management and analysis of the travel Survey for Northern Ireland assistance in monitoring the New Approach to Regional Transportation and vehicle kilometres travelled.

Survey Control

Provide advice to policy colleagues on conducting surveys. Gather details of all surveys of businesses or district councils carried out by DRD in the previous year and those planned over the next three years in order to compile a DRD Compliance and Quality Improvement Plan. Provide information to Survey Control Unit when requested on these surveys.

Transport and Survey Control Contacts

DP Statistician- Leah Ginn
Tel: 028 90540799

DP Statistician- Karen Moore
Tel: 028 90540313

Assistant Statistician- John McCann
Tel: 028 90540981

Administrative Officer- Sam Spence
Tel: 028 90540800


Sustainable Transport

In 2009, the Minister established the new Transportation Policy Division within DRD to develop integrated and sustainable transport arrangements. Its work will help inform the review of the Regional Transportation Strategy, which will in future provide the strategic direction for transportation here.

CSRB will provide statistical and research support to Transportation Policy Division in the formulation, delivery and monitoring of sustainable transport policy.  This includes developing and exploiting new data sources with particular reference to freight and public transport, providing statistical support to research steering groups, developing a range of Sustainable Transport Indicators and reviewing the existing freight movement across Ireland as part of the All Island Freight Forum.

Sustainable Transport Contacts

DP Statistician- Naomi McLaughlin
Tel: 028 90540801

Assistant Statistician- Gerard McMullan
Tel: 028 90540865


Equality Impact Assessments (EQIAs)

Provide statistical and research advice and support to DRD policy colleagues involved in the Equality Impact Assessment process. This covers the screening stage and full assessment if the screening stage identifies possible differential impacts and monitoring.

DP Statistician- Naomi McLaughlin- DRD
Tel: 028 90540801