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Statistics - Frequently Asked Questions

What statistics can CSRB provide?

CSRB provides a statistical and research service to DRD. The branch carries out statistical and research work relating to transport and equality.

Where can I find statistics relating to transport in NI?

CSRB publishes a number of transport statistics publications. The annual Northern Ireland Transport Statistics includes annual data on vehicle registrations, driver and vehicle testing, the road network, road freight, road safety, public transport, air transport and other general transport statistics. The quarterly Northern Ireland Road and Rail Transport Bulletin includes data on public transport and deliveries of petrol and diesel for use in Northern Ireland. Two Travel Survey for Northern Ireland (TSNI) reports are published annually. The first is the headline Report which contains key TSNI figures followed by the In-Depth report which contains more detailed analysis. The Headline report contains information on journeys taken by Northern Ireland residents by mode of travel and purpose of journey. The TSNI In-Depth Report contains information on trends in personal travel for Northern Ireland residents, how they travel, why they travel and some of the other factors affecting travel.

If you cannot find the statistics you require in either of these publications, please contact the relevant transport statistician

Where can I find other statistics relating to NI?

Department of the Environment statistics on tthe Driver and Vehicle Agency, road safety and the environment are available from Analytical Services Branch.

The Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) has statisticians in all NI government departments. NISRA provide statistics on a wide range of subjects.