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York Street Interchange - Scheme Homepage

The Westlink, M2 and M3 motorways, which are key sections of the Strategic Road Network, are presently connected through a complex arrangement of traffic signals at York Street. This bottleneck presently causes significant congestion and delays for traffic travelling between Westlink and the M2 and M3 motorways at peak times. The junction will come under increased pressure to deal with traffic in the future.

In preparation for this, Roads Service has developed preliminary proposals to provide a grade-separated junction at York Street that would provide direct links between Westlink and the M2 and M3 motorways and greatly improve access between these roads. Plans to improve the York Street junction with Westlink are included in Department’s Investment Delivery Plan for Roads. The plan envisages the works being delivered between 2013/14 and 2017/18.


Click on the thumbnail to view existing junction.

As part of the ongoing scheme development process Roads Service has prepared a Preliminary Options Report (See the Project Documents section) that assesses six preliminary options for improving the York Street junction with Westlink and recommends that four of these options are taken forward for more detailed assessment in the Preferred Options Report. The findings from the assessment will inform Roads Service's selection of its Preferred Option.

Construction of the Preferred Option will be dependent upon the successful completion of the necessary statutory procedures, a detailed economic appraisal and the availability of funding through the normal budgetary process.

Scheme Development Status

Roads Service develops major road schemes in accordance with a three stage process defined in the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges. The stages of the scheme assessment process are detailed below:

Scheme Development Click on the thumbnail to view scheme development graphic.

* Subject to:

  1. Successful completion of statutory procedures
  2. Detailed economic appraisal
  3. Availability of funding

Preferred Option Information Leaflet

An information leaflet was produced to coincide with the ministerial announcement of the preferred option and is available for download below:

Preferred option information leaflet (2.68Mb)

Latest News

The Minister announced on 6th December 2012 that Option C had been selected as the Preferred Option.

Since then work is progressing on the development of the Preferred Option. The aim is to have the Environmental Statement, draft Direction Order, and draft Vesting Order ready by late 2014.

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