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Publication Information Types

Management & Policy Information

Management and policy information is information that we produced mainly to help us plan, manage and monitor our business. It also sets out how we plan to carry out our responsibilities.

Codes of practice for streetworks
Current guidance for organisations that carry out all types of streetworks.
Customer survey reports
These reports provide information on the results of our current customer-satisfaction surveys.
Design manual for roads and bridges
Current manual containing technical design standards for roads and bridges.
Health and safety manuals
Current manuals containing health and safety policy and advice.
Impact assessments
All Departmental documents aimed at identifying the anticipated or actual impacts of a proposal, on those social, economic and/or environmental factors which the proposal is aimed at addressing.
Manual of contract documents for highway works
Current manual containing contract documents for highway works.
Memoranda of understanding, concordats and service level agreements.
Current texts of agreements and arrangements between us and other departments and public authorities.
Policy statements
Current policy statements that we have approved.
Primary legislation
Primary legislation under which we carry out our functions.
Public-liability claims statistics
Current statistics on the number of public-liability claims we have received and the amount and compensation awarded.
A monthly report on progress we have made against our key performance indicators and targets.
Section 75 Screening Assessments
All Departmental Section 75 equality of opportunity screening analysis and EQIA documents.
Staff survey reports
Current reports written in response to staff surveys.
Staff survey reports.
Current reports written in response to staff surveys.