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Belfast Metropolitan Transport Plan

The Belfast Metropolitan Transport Plan (BMTP) was launched by the Minister for Regional Development on 30th November 2004. This plan, the first of its type for the Belfast Metropolitan Area (BMA), takes forward the strategic initiatives of the Regional Transportation Strategy (RTS) for Northern Ireland 2002-2012.

The BMTP is the local transport plan for the BMA, which will deliver a phased and costed implementation programme of transport schemes to 2015. The implementation of these proposals will be subject to detailed economic appraisal, funding availability and statutory processes.

The Plan will also support the development proposals in the draft Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan (BMAP), which has been released by the Department of the Environment (DoE).

The BMTP document is available to download from this site.

Copies of the Plan will also be available to read in public libraries. Should you wish to purchase a copy for £20, please contact the BMTP team at:

Department for Regional Development
4 Hospital Road
Belfast BT8 8JL

The Plan’s proposals represent a balanced and multi-modal approach to transport that takes into account the latest guidance and experience on sustainable local transport provision. It provides comprehensive proposals for all modes of transport throughout the BMA. The Plan will provide for and encourage greater use of public transport and greater levels of walking and cycling whilst also supporting an appropriate level of movement of cars and goods vehicles which, realistically, will remain the most used mode of travel in the BMA during the Plan period. The proposals also recognised the important role that transport can play alongside other government initiatives in helping social inclusion by providing better access to employment, health and leisure facilities.